Friday, November 10, 2017


Here's a fact: CSAT is inversely proportional to Abandoned Calls, i.e. the higher your abandon rate, the lower your CSAT. Any customer who had to call more than once to report or resolve an issue will more likely be a detractor. This is why we all dread those toxic days when calls spike through the roof and we wish we all had just stayed home. We already know it will be raining detractors that shift. It gets even worse when a customer who had been waiting forever for a live rep is put on hold by the rep. Most reps would probably start digging into their bag of TRICKS just to try dodging those incoming detractors.

In a recent ARTICLE about why we need to call back our customers, illustrated the financial cost of an abandoned call. It doesn't matter whether it's a customer calling about a complaint or a prospect calling to buy, every abandoned call adversely affects your site's profitability.

As a front line rep, you might argue profit doesn't matter much to you. But when you realize that your incentives and bonuses depend entirely on your site's profitability, you might rethink that argument.

The good news is, there is an option now available for customers to request for a call back instead of waiting on the line. This automated call back option would put the customer on a queue for a live rep to call back, setting the customer's expectation how soon a rep will call. I noticed this new option when I recently called my phone provider and was surprised to hear an option to request for a call back. Although I opted to wait for a live rep, the call back option certainly is a welcome improvement.

Imagine how convenient it would be for your customer to just request for a call back and then go about her usual task while waiting for the call back. This certainly beats the agony of waiting forever for a live rep to pick up.

With the option to request a call back, there's a much higher probability that the customer would be happy, or at least not irritable, once a live rep does call back. Happy enough to buy a product or give a good CSAT score.

Customer call back is a WIN-WIN solution. Everybody's happy. Read more about the article HERE.

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